Get more customers for your local service business with TAKA | Marketing

The Stuggles of Every Small Local Business

Increasing Sales

Figuring out what you need to do to increase sales given all the options out there is tricky. That’s why we’ve created an effective local marketing package.

Online Presence

Everyones online in some capacity. Trying to build awareness and engagement is difficult with competition for attention and google rankings being so fierce.

Local Competition

People search for a service provider that can solve their problem. Most compare options but other’s simply go for who they see first if they see them as trustworthy.

Finding the Time

Balancing your time as a small business owner is a massive challenge. Putting out fires every day    means marketing often get delayed. Hiring a local marketing agency can let you focus on delivering your service to a high standard while growing. 

Marketing Budget

You don’t have huge budgets like many of the big household names. Getting bang for your buck and effective results against your budget is a key sticking point for many local service business.

Outsource Marketing

Your time strapped. Finding a Local marketing agency you can trust and know will get results isn’t easy. The fit has to be right and they must care about your business the way you do.

Best Way to Grow Your Local Service Business

Local SEO


Local Search Engine Optimisation is a strategy increases your business’s website visibility on Google Search. It involves:


  • Creating and optimising your websites on-page content with relevant local keywords.
  • Improving the technical structure of your website for Google to better scan (crawl) your site for information that helps the searcher.
  • Building authority in the eyes of Google with relevant local links that show your a trusted website.

Google Business Profile


When your target customer searches for the local service you provide, the first things they will go to is Google Maps.

Here they will check the location of your business and the reviews. It’s critical your profile is optimized to build reviews, appear in the areas you service and that it is one of the top 3 listings below the map known as the ‘Local pack’.

This helps potential customers discover you as 44% of searchers click on one of the top three in the Local Pack. You don’t want to be missing out on these enquires and sales that the competition gets.

Content Marketing


Google is fully focused on providing the searcher with the most valuable information possible. Creating localised content and posting it on your website blog gives you the opportunity to:

  • Increase website traffic.
  • Improve rankings.
  • Build trust and boost enquires.

You can also post valuable content on social media that takes target customers from their feed onto your website.

These are the three most effective focus points to grow your business and are the main pillars of a Local SEO strategy.

Under these three pillars are dozens of Local SEO tactics that will be applied to make sure your business makes more Sales.

Our Package for Local Marketing Success!

Monthly Package price


Local SEO strategies will be applied so you can direct more traffic to your website and increase the number of enquires and sales your business receives. You need to be an option for your target customer when they are searching for the service you provide. To ensure you business is front and centre when your target customer is looking to buy we will do the following:

On-Page SEO Optimisation of All Website Content.

Optimise Your Google My Business Profile.

Provide 1000 words of Relevant Local SEO Blog Content.

Provide 2-3 Relevant Local Links Each Month.

Provide 10 Local Citations Each Month.

Technical SEO Optimisation of Website

Local Marketing Package Features

  • Simple Monthly Reporting including Local Rank Tracking.
  • 3 Month Contract with 90 Day Roadmap.
  • 15-30 Minute Consultation call each month.
  • Open line to ask any questions or provide feedback.
  • Less than 2 hours time commitment from you each month.

Free Local Marketing Package Bonus's

  • 5 Social Media posts designed on Canva.
  • Google Analytics and Search Console set up.
  • 4 Google Business Profile posts a month.
  • Website Copywriting on any new webpages.
  • Review request and responses + templates for you to use.
  • Removal of spam listing and fake reviews.
  • Social Media profile optimisation.
  • Local Digital PR and press release writing.
  • Bing and Apple Map SEO and Google Image SEO.
  • Referral Offer creation and offer added to your website


Yearly pricing


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How This Local Marketing Package Benefits Your Business

Our package has been created to focus on what actually makes a difference. Benefits your business can expect are:

    • Customers find you first when searching for the service you provide.
    • Website and Google Business Profile appears above the competition and gets higher engagement.
    • More enquires and sales from your website without paying for low performing ads or expensive leads.
    • More website visits and enquires from your social media accounts.
    • Increased share of the local market and build a stronger reputation for your business.
    • Business achieves sustainable growth while you focus on what’s most important, delivering a great service.

    Our Process

    Contact us

    You can leave message on our contact form.

    Tell us about your business, what’s your problems are and what you would like to achieve. You can also ask us any questions you wish.

    We will respond within 24 hours.


    After some initial research about your business and local competition.

    We will discuss with you the opportunities identified. On the call we will set realistic expectations and talk you through how our Local Marketing Package will make gains for your business.


    If your keen to work with us and get the benefits from our local marketing package.  We will send over contract and terms of agreement for you to sign off.

    We’ll have a further initial discussion to tap into your knowledge of your customer while accessing your website and social profiles for us to work on.

    Work Together

    Once onboarding is complete we will get straight to work.

    We’ll be in regular contact with you each month for you’re okay on any content we produce or any website changes.

    We will also provide you with in-depth reports each month that track progress.