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What is Local SEO in a Nutshell?

The purpose of Local SEO is simple. It’s to improve your businesses online visibility in the local areas that your business operates in. Your target customers search Google using specific words, terms and questions in order to find the nearest and best option for the service you provide. They don’t search for your business because they’ve probably never heard of it.

Every time one of those searches happens a customer and their money is up for grabs. They are looking to pay for a service that provides a solution to their problem or satisfies a want that they have. They’re not scrolling through pages of Google Results comparing every option. They’re attention is focused on the top results because they know Google wants to provide them with best options. That’s where Local SEO comes in. Using tried and tested strategies will get you as close to the top as possible and into the buying conversation the customer is having in their mind as they view the top options (search results).   

Being right there front and centre with potential customers looking to buy will lead to a consistent flow of enquires and sales into your business. The longer this goes on the more you cement your position as the go-to business in your local area.

How Long Does Local SEO Take to Grow My Business?

The reality of investing in Local SEO is that it won’t change your business overnight and customers likely start flowing in the day you partner with us. SEO is a long-term game. Depending on your previous SEO efforts, it will take us a minimum 1-3 months to get you some noticeable progress in your Local Search Results. However, 3 months is a short time in SEO. After 3 months you will have a solid foundation to start climbing up the search rankings. The longer you dedicate your marketing efforts to SEO, the bigger the gains will be for your business. True lasting results that lead to consistent organic enquires and sales, usually take 6-12 months of consistent Local SEO work. Followed by routine following of the best Local SEO practices year after year if you really want to be number 1 and stay there.

What's the Realities of Investing in Local SEO

Local SEO success is determined by a lot of factors. The only guarantee you need to remember about Local SEO is that there’s no guarantee of results. If you search agencies in the industry, you’ll have a hard time finding any concrete guarantees. No agency or individual doing SEO can guarantee you specific results like number 1. I would always be careful of the big promises used to make as sale by Local SEO agencies. They tell you exactly what you want to hear only to find out they were lying months down the line.

You as a client deserve a guarantee so that you know exactly what you’re getting in return for partnering with us. We never want working with us to feel like it’s a big risk. The truth is though, all marketing channels and strategies come with risk and while results often exceed expectations, it’s important to understand that this isn’t every circumstance.

While you can’t guarantee the number 1 spot of Google, there will never not benefits to your business by investing in Local SEO. The best way you can fully understand if Local SEO is worth it for your business is to have a Local SEO Audit completed. We can do this for you if you fill out the contact form below.

A Local SEO audit should clearly outline the opportunities to improve your search rankings and what will be done over the course of your time as a client. That’s why we offer a 90 day road map where we tell you exactly when and what we will be doing to improve your Local SEO rankings and the results we ‘expect’ to get based on our experience. Only then can you make the decisions if it will be worth investing your marketing budget into Local SEO. Trust and Transparency are things we care about. If our Local Marketing Package isn’t a good fit for your business after completing the audit, we’ll be honest with you.

Will Local SEO Help My Small Business?

We believe that any local service business should be dedicating a considerable amount of time and effort to Local SEO. It’s the most cost-effective marketing strategy that provides you with the opportunity to attract your target customer to your website, and position yourself as best service provider in your local area. Additionally, it allows you to track both you and your competitors and identify opportunities to grow your business with the data gathered.

As you go through your business journey, you must be growing. Local SEO puts you in a position to be infront of your target customer when they are ready to buy. That’s how you make sales. You must be an option by making sure what your website content, Google Business Profile, reviews all combine to keep visibility high and turn a wandering searcher into a customer.

Is Local SEO the Best Marketing Strategy for My Local Service Business?

If you’ve searched for the best ways to grow your small business then undoubtedly Local SEO will appear in many places. Small businesses don’t have large marketing budgets. We know it’s hard to justify paying and £500 to manage social media ads and then spending thousands on top of that to pay for the ads.

That’s why investing in long-term organic growth through Local SEO is best for your business. It’s more affordable and if you keep focusing on it, you’ll see lasting results that provide sales and enquiries consistently. Once you stop paying for ads, any leads and sales stop too. 

Local SEO is the best strategy because when someone needs the service you provide, they search for it. A local search for nearby services on Google will provide your target customer with a list of options. You need to make sure that your one of top results for that search. You do this by having:


  1. A fully optimised website that ranks for everything your business does and where you operate.
  2. Locally specific content that is informative and valuable in helping them to make a buying decision on who they want as their service provider.
  3. A fully optimised Google Business Profile that covers your entire operating area and keeps you high on the Google Maps results for your service.
What Do you Need From Me if I Become a Client?

Our Local SEO Package is a done for you service but we will talk about strategies and stuff as we go through. It’s a partnership where we work together to improve business. For example, you know your local area because you’ve built a business there. You know customer because you deal with them everyday. We will work together to tap into that knowledge and ensure our Local SEO efforts have the best chance of success. 

We will require minimal time commitment from you each month to review any content we’ve created, sign off on any website changes, share any content ideas or feedback you have received from customers. We will also do a 15-30 video call to review the progress made and discuss the Local SEO strategies we will be carrying out going forward. keeping you in the loop.

Should I Get a Local SEO Audit?

Heres how a free, no obligation Local SEO Audit will help you:

  • It will show how your competition is ranking higher than you.
  • It will reveal opportunities to capture more sales from Google.
  • It will contain strategies to convert more web traffic into sales.
  • It will show you how to climb to the top of Google Map Rankings.
  • It will uncover ways to improve your website authority and speed.
  • It will highlight technical website errors that damage your rankings.

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