About Us

Our approach to business and marketing…

Your Money is in the Ether.

Everyday when you wake up there’s money floating around in the ether that belongs to you.

Everyday there’s enquiries and sales in your area. They float around waiting for somebody to take them. Is that somebody going to be your business or is it your competition?

Most marketing agencies waste there about page not speaking the facts.

They talk about values, purpose and mission and all that other fluff that business owners that want to grow their business don’t care about.

They fail to talk about money and why you need to invest in marketing that brings .

We want to make you as much money as possible.

That means taking money that’s in the ether and doing whatever it takes to put it in your pocket.

You can take pride in your work, satisfy customers, do good in your communities and have values you care about as a business. But ultimately, no business grows or survives without money coming in.

That’s why we focus on the most effective local marketing strategies for your business, so people that need your service find you.

Once they do find you it’s all about having the right content in place to take them from needing your service to becoming a customer.

With all the customers and money out there up for grabs, why wouldn’t you maximise your opportunities?

Making a choice is hard.

Here’s a few reasons to choose us…

True Partnership

The success and growth of our agency is dictated by the results we get for each and every client. That makes your business our business. It’s personal. Your business has to grow while working with us or we won’t have a business that is successful. It’s that simple. We become part of your business and are heavily invested in it being successful. That’s why we’ll work together and stop at nothing to get you results.


Were genuine about the help we want to provide to local service businesses. It’s what’s best for your business that matters, sometimes that may not be us. Our Local Marketing package might not be the right fit right now. You can alsways request a no-obligation audit to find out. We will always help steer you right. You can’t afford to spend time and money on the wrong thing, and we can’t afford to not deliver worthwhile results.

Data Focused and Results Driven

There’s no guess work in what we do. All decisions are made based on the data we gather through in-depth research. It’s the most effective way to get results, data doesn’t lie.

We only focus our time on the Local SEO strategies what will bring worthwhile results. The optimisation and content we produce will be focused on increasing the flow of customers into your business.


We know local SEO or even digital marketing isn’t your world. That makes it our job to communicate and teach you in a way that helps you understand what we are doing. We’re always happy to share knowledge and are happy to answer any questions that will help clarify things.

We provide simple reporting that gives a breakdown of everything being done to increase rankings and sales for your local service business.

How will you grow my local service business?

For people to stop choosing your competition over you there’s certain things your business must do:


  • Increase online reputation and trustworthiness through review building strategies.
  • Complete Local Search Engine Optimisation, making your website more visible when your target customer searches.
  • Optimise your Google Business Profile (GBP) to improve your Local Google Map visibility.
  • Create blog and social content that attracts customers to your website and helps convince them that you’re the best option locally.
  • Create referral marketing offer which helps boost word of mouth marketing which is the most powerful marketing tool for any local service business.

What local service buisnesses can’t afford to do…

If you’re not growing, you’re dying. That’s the rule every local business owner must live by.

That means doing nothing isn’t an option.

You can’t afford not to invest in marketing that provides both short-term and long-term growth.

That’s exactly what Taka | Marketing do for your business. Provide Growth.

How can I trust you will grow my local business?

The purest way to gain your trust is for you to request a free no-obligation Local SEO audit.

In this audit, we will research and analyse your online presence, websites performance and local competition.

We’ll then send you a proposal highlighting opportunities and detailing how we will take advantage of them to increase traffic and sales for your business.

If you feel our Local Marketing Package is exactly what you need we can book a consultation. If it’s not right for you at this moment, you’ll still have all that intelligence gather that can help you figure out what you need to focus on to get ahead of your local competition.

It’s a win-win for you. Minimal effort and tons of free value.